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Floe Docks & Lifts


Captain Bub’s Marine, Inc. is the #1 Massachusetts FLOE Docks and Boat Lifts dealer for the past six years. FLOE has been a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium recreational equipment for over 30 years. Their boat lifts, docks and trailers have to lead the industry with innovative designs, patented technology and unique features not found on competitors products. FLOE CRAFT is also manufactured in FLOE’s facility in McGregor Minnesota and is a new breed of watercraft.

FLOE’s newest division provides unmatched large-sheet heavy-gauge vacuum thermoforming capabilities to OEMs, Thermoforming partners and FLOE’s own captive needs. With the world’s largest thermoformer on site, FLOE is committed to producing innovative products through precise engineering, creative thought processes and sophisticated thermoforming technology.



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